Saturday, 6 August 2011

#Pointless Pieces

With the money that comes from my new job I've been noticing
myself splash out on particularly pointless bits and pieces.
I thought I'd show you my recent purchases and finds!

Bear Post Card: 
I got this in a junk shop when my friend Ed was down.He got one of a sunbear taken at the same zoo.I like the bears knees.

Small Sitting Rhinocat:Another junk shop find. I got him for £1
and he sits on my bedside table and watches me sleep.Its a little creepy if I'm honest.

'Cats Cats Cats Cats Cats' book:And the last of the junk shop things!
This book is like an early version of lolcats.
I'd love to meet the people who put this together.
Its was £1 and a steal!
Sometimes you CAN have too much cheese!

Llama Toy:Hello my name is Maddy, I am almost 19 and I still buy stuffed toys.But he is so fluffy and I fell in love.

Cat Bag and Bear Purse:I got these 2 things for £2 at a bootfair today.
I just thought it was too cute not to buy.

'Mr Bear, Postman' book.
 I love looking through the childrens book sections at bootfairsand seeing what I can find.To my utter delight I found this gorgeous book by Kozo Kakimoto (never heard of him/her.)about a bear learning to ride a bike so he can be a postman.The illustrations are completely gorgeous and at only 30p I could not resist!I'm trying to find out more about the illustrator now.Its worth a google though.
Thats all for now. I've been making monsters again and hopefully there'll be some more evidence of that soon.


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  1. I made an owl costume that looks a lot like that shirt!