Saturday, 10 September 2011

So I've been uuuh...packing....for uni.
Contrary to what the above image might convey.

 I just wanted lots of brightly coloured things to begin with.

 My lovely friend Beth got me the bowl (above) and box set (below) 
for my birthday. They're so perfect and happy!


And well...umm....yes....moving on...

 I also bought these special pens that permanently draw onto porcelain!

I've always wanted to design my own plates
so I'll be taking these bad boys to uni with me!

 So happy with how the came out! 

 I can't wait to have my Shreddies with the Cereal Killer.


 Fuzzwald mug! So I'll always remember him whilst I'm away!

 The whole family of bears!

I think biscuit bandit is my favourite.
He better steal no biscuit of mine!!!!

I move into my halls on the 17th (that's a week guys, a week!)
So many mixed emotions but generally just excitement.
I mean, how could I not make friends with such wicked cool crockery?!


  1. SO COOL. Wow I love the plates! :)
    You're so talented.

  2. The plates are great. It's such a great idea and I would totally by those. :)

    Where did you get that pen from?

    Love your art

  3. Thankyou lovelies!
    I might start making them for other people. I know what ALL my friends are getting for christmas! ;]
    Just a local craft shop. I reckon you can get them anywhere/ebay it.

  4. I love cereal killer! You cool kid :)x

  5. Hi, Love the plates and mugs you've done there. This is gonna sound like a silly question, but how did they turn out after washing them? I bought a porcelain pen and followed all the instruction, and the designs just scratched off. What make were the pens you got? Sorry for the boring tech question, but I really do love those designs!

  6. I love the plates and the mug! So awesome! Especially cereal killer! You're so talented! :)