Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Been a while hasn't it?
I've been doing lots of things and
will hope to update you on the lots of things 
I am intending to do in the near future.
But  the main excuse for my absense is that
I've had a job for the past month or so.
The above picture was taken in the 'office'
I work for a lovely children's illustrator and I can't complain
one bit because it's really giving me an
insight into a world I'd like to be a part of one day.
Oh yes and she owns ducks and the eggs are hatching and its the
I'd love to show you more and talk more about what I'm doing
(its nothing terribly exciting so don't worry)
but cos it's not with my own art or anything I guess 
all I can show you is this picture of a duck.Shame right?
(beep beep beep!!!)

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