Sunday, 22 May 2011

Too Much Paper.

Hello, I know this is the 2nd post within a day 
(and I have another one in the making about today's antics.)
but I'm having a little crisis and I thought I'd come 
spew about it here.

The problem is: I have done too much art.
Now, this isn't something I saw lightly
because truly I don't think you can EVER do enough art.
But finding a place to keep my art that dates back to when I was little
is becoming an impossible task.
My room is currently layered with A1 sheets, sketchbooks and various mischief-making monsters that
I've accumulated over the years. My drawers bursting to the brim with collage materials.
The picture above is only a fraction of the damage
and I'm in complete despair of what to do.
I can't throw it out. I mean, I could....
But each one is a memory and a part of me.
I just can't quite bring myself to throwing away several days, months and years of my life.

Most of it is broken and otherwise unsellable.
Unless I can convince all those rich eccentrics that ALL view my blog
that I will someday be very famous and that it is an investment.
Something tells me that won't happen though.
I would genuinely consider giving all of it away for free too,
but its the trouble of who and how to transport and why anyone would want
a giant paper moose head whose ears have fallen off...

So I come to you, humble blog reader, to ask you...
What shall I do with all my art?
If you're an art-maker yourself; what have you done in the past?
Ever regretted throwing work away?
I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on the matter because anything would help.
You can either reply here or if you want to get a swifter reply you can email me:

Thanks for reading,
Keep calm and draw things.


  1. ...hee hee...well I shouldn't laugh this..happens to me solution is to give things away...

    Also I just put things in boxes in the attic and mark archive on my kids can figure it out someday...

    draw on!

  2. - Give them away.
    - Give them to a sibling. Inspiring the youth, y'know. :)
    - Give them to your parents. They love that stuff, no matter how old you get.
    - Put it in a shredder and use it for animal bedding (not a very caring thought, sorry.)
    - Take pictures of / scan your art work and save it on your computer. That way, you can get rid of it and STILL have it with you.

    Hope this helps. :)

  3. I have certainly been in the same predicament as you!

    The majority of my artwork is now in various boxes and bags in the loft - this is mainly schoolwork and college work. I did throw some out - mainly large things that I did for GCSE - work for exams rather than for fun that I didn't want to keep.

    I would suggest sorting through, taking photographs to catalogue your work and seeing if you can compile your work into 'things you definitely want to keep' and 'stuff you're not too sure about'. Do you need research sketchbooks when you have your developments and final works? Just an idea, and I certainly don't want you to regret throwing anything away at a later date!