Sunday, 22 May 2011

Hello, so one of the things that sometimes surprises
me about the feedback of my internet things
is everyone's positive reception to my taste in music.
I never really considered myself to have a 'taste'in the first
 place but I've been asked a couple of times to recommend some 'good music'.

So here are my top 3 songs that I can't STOP listening to at the moment:
Pretty standard classic. I remember it used to be the only good song
 on Dancing Stage MegaMix on PS2
and ever since then I've been obsessed with them and this song. 
Baked cakes to this on repeat.
There's also a pretty good cover by OK GO 
I'm so obsessed with this song. Expect a video with it in at some point this summer.
The magazine I subscribe to -Oh Comely- always suggests really good music
 and I found this little treasure through them.
Feel privileged right now because I've been holding onto this song for a long time
waiting to do an underwater themed music video but have never had a cool enough video idea.
I. Freaking. LOVE this song. It's...a bit odd. Juan Son is insane (and the official video shows it.)
He also has a less 'pop'-sounding band called Porter who are
possibly one of my favourite bands. Czech it yo'.

So there you have it.
 I've kept them quiiite diverse so I hope you find something
that makes your ears happy.
I always get a bit put off doing things like this, 
simply because one moment
 I'm listening to The Mars Volta and the next Justin Timberlake
so find it really hard to suggest 'my favourite music'
and always think I sound a bit pretentious
when I talk about 'obscure indie bands' 
but this is simply stuff I've had on repeat lately so please tell me if you like me doing this and 
I'll be sure to do another one.
Y'know....once I've listened to Lovecats another 100 times.


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  1. Thank you! I've already played Zorbing a dozen times. You haz good taste. <3