Monday, 9 May 2011

I know, as the human race, we like to pretend we know what we're doing;
 that we are more than just animals pumped

 with hormones and chemical imbalances
but when you start to see patterns in your own lives;
realising both you and millions of other people before you have done
the exact same thing, thought the exact same thoughts
and felt the exact same feelings...
Well that's when you start to think howling at the moon isn't such a bad idea after all.

On a slightly unrelated note, as part of my procrastination sessions, I've been reading into happiness and came across a really interesting quote.
- Ernest Hemingway

I don't have much to write here about what this means to me but I thought it was an interesting
take on what I've often thought. 
(I'm not talking about myself, just so you know. I'm not intelligent in
the sense they speak of and generally I'm a happy person!)
Of course, if you're not interested in this and came here to look at pretty pictures;
I specifically googled cute things for you and managed to find
this guinea pig in a dinosaur outfit.
I hope a sufficient level of serotonin/melatonin 
transmits into your receptor molecules.
(that sounded smart but it probably doesn't make sense.)
Or whatever.
Back to pretending I know what I'm doing.


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