Friday, 21 January 2011

This Week in black and white.
Drinking: 60p mochas
Watching: Malcolm in the Middle
Listening to: Amelie Soundtrack

It's been a fantastic week for me. Inspiring talks and hoping all the best for the future. I have a lot of hard work to put in over the next few months but I'm adamant it'll pay off.

Yesterday I begun sculpting Thing. I plan to make a life-size model of an imaginary friend. 
So far he is just a head but I've already grown rather fond of him and his soggy innards. 
 This was my desk by the end of the week.
Bit of a spring clean might be in order at some point.

 Another thing is this animation.
In black and white too may I add.
I worked solidly for 2 nights and this is what I achieved.
Just a test really. :]

Thanks for reading.
Hope you had a beautiful week!

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