Friday, 28 January 2011

Another week in black and white.
I'm not sure if this is a thing.
Drinking: Water
Watching: Tool Academy
Listening to: DJ Cut Killer (La Haine)
It's been a mixed week. Stress, sausages and sweet relief.

 My first delight was receiving some post. 
Post is amazing. 
Especially when it involves giant crabs.
This is a long distance doodle from the creative mind of Ed
Thanks Ed.

After a few hours hacking away at my 6ft Imaginary Friend sculpture...
...I began to feel a little odd.
I'm so lost in the world of 3D Sculpture but definitely enjoy the challenge!

Lastly; my adventures in London.
I did some drawing in Brixton, got far too excited in the Museum of Childhood and had a bit of a splurge in Magma -a trendy little bookshop full of trendiness.
Above are the items I retrieved from the day including an arts and science magazine for children and some children's scribbles I stole from a table in the Museum of Childhood.

These rubber stamps were somewhat of an impulse buy. As well as this honeycomb sketchbook.
But the happiness that both combined have given me was definitely worth it right?

Worked up 15 hours of commission work and have been preparing for interviews and portfolios.
Such a busy bee.


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